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The most common mode of private transport in Japan apart from cars.

bycicles - 002 - 800 px

Inside Japan the retail prices of any brand new car regardless of models are really affordable relatively. Whats is costly about car ownership are parking fees, inspections fees, regular maintenance and cost for recycle.

Bicycles are the best alternatives for private use.

Furthermore public road designs cater to  bicycles usages.

By the way, there are interesting rules “Don’t drink and cycle”!

We know “Don’t drink and drive” refer to consumption of alcohol and driving vehicle, this “Don’t drink and cycle” means no consumption of alcohol and cycling!

Well there are those do don’t observe such rules but if accident do happen, this can become  serious problem.

Overall, cycling is an effective transportation tool in Japan.


David Z



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Port of Kobe

Had a walk along Port of Kobe.

Wanted to capture images of this area with a different perspective

Port of Kobe DSC_1748 - 04 - 800 px

In the back ground is the iconic Kobe Meriken Park Oriental hotel

This young couple provided such warm atmosphere with multi-color light reflection on the wide-angel lens (16mm)  as I was shooting almost straight into the direction of the sun.

And street art with timely message for our age of social media – “LIKES” vs “LOVE”

Port of Kobe DSC_1707 - 04 - 800 px

The person who did this street art – YOHEYY



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Chinatown @ Kobe

Chinatown @ Kobe is probably the most crowded spot in Kobe City

And this would be the most notable food in Chinatown

KB CN 1675 - 03 - 800 px

And these are uniquely Made-in-China production

KB CN 1676 - 02 - 800 px

Look familiar? “PANDA” instead of “PUMA”? How about “KOBE MEAT TECHNOLOGY” and “BOSS PANDA”?

KB CN 1678 - 02 - 800 px

Interesting copies but the price tag is not cheap, more expensive than the original.

David Z

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Street Photography – Kitanozaka Street @ Kobe City

Street photography can be fun and exciting

For urban city street photography you need a good composition of people and building to capture the heart and soul of the city

But in Japan most of buildings and structures are squarish and way too familiar. Means to say most cities in Japan looked the same! Furthermore privacy rules can add to restraints of showing people’s full facial images.

In such a boring setting what can helps to bring out the essence of city life is natural lighting and exposure!

Interestingly Japan have got very excellent natural lighting for outdoor street photography and especially during winter time there are plenty of days with clear blue sky

Kitanozaka Street - 01 - 005 - 800 px

This shot with an old Nikon 55mm prime lens – non-AI and manual.

Kitanozaka Street in Kobe happens to be the place where you will find lots of old fashion cafes with live bands


David Z

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Property Agent for English Speakers

Kobe - 800 px

If you are a foreigner looking for long term accommodation in Kobe, you know you will need a lot more assistance then expected!

There are ample supplies of housing and agents but communications and understanding the real needs of buyers and tenants have been a long standing issue. Furthermore the extensive paper work needed and very often over-emphasized in Japanese business practice can overwhelm even their own local people.

What if you can get in touch with an agent who communicates well in English? Someone who can provide translated documents and contracts for you? A professional agent who can understand you are not just looking for shelter over your head but to have a home where you can relax with your family after work and on weekend mingle around with nice neighbors?

Mr. Nagakawa is here to help! Click or tab on these hyperlinks to get in touch with him



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