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Toki-no-Hiroba Plaza @ Osaka Station City


Osaka Station City is more then a train station for JR.

It link multiple shopping malls and inter-sections with broad walks.

This open space known as Toki-no-Hiroba have become a popular meeting spot and more events are happening there.

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Toki-no-Hiroba Plaza @ Osaka Station (大阪駅 Ōsaka-eki)

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Visual Communications


Japan tourism ministry had tried ways and means to attract more tourists with hope and expectations to cash in on the tourist dollars many other nations are competing for.

But there have been long standing issues with free WIFI and language.

Japan is one of the few or last monolingual nation.

Majority of the 127 million residents don’t speak English!

A lot of the young people know English but they may not speak it!

Somebody did come up with ingenious ways to communicate.

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Street Photography – Kitanozaka Street @ Kobe City

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Street photography can be fun and exciting

For urban city street photography you need a good composition of people and building to capture the heart and soul of the city

But in Japan most of buildings and structures are squarish and way too familiar. Means to say most cities in Japan looked the same! Furthermore privacy rules can add to restraints of showing people’s full facial images.

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In such a boring setting what can helps to bring out the essence of city life is natural lighting and exposure!

Interestingly Japan have got very excellent natural lighting for outdoor street photography and especially during winter time there are plenty of days with clear blue sky

Kitanozaka Street - 01 - 005 - 800 px

This shot with an old Nikon 55mm prime lens – non-AI and manual.

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Kitanozaka Street in Kobe happens to be the place where you will find lots of old fashion cafes with live bands


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Onitsuka Tiger @ Namba


I was attracted to this shop due to its unique neon light company logo

Onitsuka Tiger 1199 - 02 - 800 px

My first impression was “Tiger Beer”!

But this shop actually sells sportswear and have a long history way back to 1949.


Some of the company’s highlight includes a pair of gold-colored Onitsuka Taichi sneakers with black stripes worn by Uma Thurman in the movie “Kill Bill” and a specially designed “Bruce Lee” series in partnership with US-based design company Bait.



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